Real Estate

I assist both buyers and sellers of residential properties in Windham County, Vermont. The process usually involves review of the purchase and sale contract, a talk with you to let you know what the process entails and what to expect, a title search and title insurance binder to you or your bank (this office is an agent for Chicago Title Insurance Company), and, as time goes along, coordination with your lender to make sure you and the bank know the scheduled closing date and can get your funds ready, if you are the purchaser, or to calculate what you are owed as the seller. A number of other things follow along with this, such as payoffs of old mortgages, pro rata of property taxes and so forth, all of which we assist you in understanding and handling. There are Vermont-specific filings we educate you about and make sure are done: Property Transfer Tax, Land Gains, and Income Withholding are all required under certain circumstances, and we help you complete these satisfactorily. Following closing, we make sure the land records duly reflect your purchase or sale of real estate and then, of course, we are always here to help with follow-up issues or questions. It is a total package that we usually can do for you for a flat fee that you will know up front, so do not hesitate to call to get more information.