General Litigation

Someone once said that the law is the adjustment of relations between people. Litigation, which is the fancy word for lawsuits, is in most cases a last resort. The controversy reaches a point where it appears the only chance for adjusting the relations between the parties is by obtaining the jurisdiction of the court. Even then, the court will require the parties to attempt a mediation. That is, in my view, a good thing because the fact is that most cases do settle short of an actual court trial. This saves money and stress.

You may want or need an attorney at any time for consultation about your existing or possible dispute, for helping you prepare a strategy to deal with the dispute and achieve the outcome you desire, or for filing the papers when a lawsuit is in the offing. I have assisted clients at every stage of an existing or budding controversy, always with the objective of first determining what your needs are as the client and then going over with you the various options you may (or may not) have available to get where you want to go.

Whether you are the one initiating the proceeding (usually referred to as the plaintiff) or the one who is defending in the proceeding (defendant), you may want my assistance. I have worked with clients to resolve land disputes, contract disputes, and other kinds of disputes where “self-help” has failed and a lawyer’s advice and counsel are necessary.